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Orbel hotel - Dobrinishte

Three star boutique hotel "Orbel Spa" is located in the high part of Dobrinishte near the mineral springs.Dobrinishte is a town, neigbouring ski resort Bansko. The hotel is open year round and offers opportunities for recreation, sport, travel, seminars and other events.

Location оf Orbel hotel, Dobrinishte

Hotel “Orbel Spa” is situated at the east part of Dobrinishte, just above the mineral springs - with a beautiful view to Pirin, Rila and the Rodope mountains. Dobrinishte town is situated 156km away from Sofia and only 6km from ski tracks of the world famous ski resort Bansko.

Distance to ski lift: 7.4km
Distance to center: 410m
Distance to airport: 170km to Airport Sofia
Distance to bus station: 1km
Distance to railway station: 1km
Distance to cash machine: 1km
Distance to exchange office: 6km to Bansko
Distance to restaurants: 500m
Distance to shops: 300m

Address: 29 Han Asparuh Str., Dobrinishte 2777

Facilities in Orbel hotel

There is a possibility to place a roll-away (additional) bed in a Twin Room and 2 additional beds in the Apartments. There are baby cots available as well. The hotel disposes of a newly opened outdoor swimming pool with dimensions 12m and depth 1.30m. Both swimming pools are with mineral water.


Rooms and Accommodation in Orbel hotel

Hotel consists of two buildings with the total capacity of: 23 Twin Rooms 15 Spacious Apartments 2 Luxury two floor Apartments with 2 bedrooms each

Food and dining, restaurants and bars in Orbel hotel


The main restaurant has 150 seats, BBQ and an old-style furnace used to prepare the traditional dishes of the region. During the winter the roofed section of the terrace creates a feeling of coziness and romantic mood and during the summer – freshness and a nice view of the mountain.The restaurant winery offers about 50 Bulgarian and foreign wines, their number constantly growing. The menu includes the traditional dishes of the region and dishes of the European and Greek cuisine.

Lobby Bar

The lobby bar offers warn and convenient atmosphere, benefiting from the fire in the furnace.The works of artists of the Gotze Delchev region contribute to your mood and to the intellectual atmosphere.

Recreation & entertainment in Orbel hotel


Welcome to everybody who has realized that water therapy will be highly appreciated by the body! Time is never enough, yet we have to find several minutes for us. When we think that the busy everyday matters have exhausted all out strength, it is time to have a rest. That is why we should know where we could re-load our body with life-strengthening energy. We should know a place where we could release our spirit and thoughts, without urgent meetings or obligations. We can offer all this because we are here for you!


Hydro-therapy includes using water for healing purposes. Warm water has a soothing effect on the neural system, at the same time strengthening cardiac rhythm and improving blood circulation. Hydro-therapeutic baths work against stress, free muscles from pressure and remove toxins. Water ’Atlantis’ is a bath with high concentration of minerals and plant products. Processes running there support metabolism, remove tiredness and summon energy, have a relaxation effect and re-mineralize the skin.

Cleopatra’s Bath

Cleopatra’s Bath is for beauty, relaxation and healing. It is enriched with various cosmetic products milk, oils, special aroma substances, flowers, herbal extracts. You will sense the relaxing and strengthening effect with your body and your soul. Water temperature is about 38-40° C. Offers can vary depending on the season. Probably the most stylish and relaxing way to rediscover the ’old art of sweet laziness’ is exactly Cleopatra’s Bath. After completing the procedure, aroma-oil massage is most appropriate.

Precious Stones

The precious stones cabin combines elements of the special stone therapy (litho-therapy), traditional Chinese medicine, therapy of reflex zones, colour and light-therapy.Litho-therapy is based on the principle that precious stones have the ability to absorb internal vibrations. They possess various characteristic features and are built of various minerals, which make each stone unique. During therapy, these stones absorb negative energy from the body.


The treatment can cover an entire program with body peeling, sea alga bath with mineral salts, alga or sea mud body packing, and lymphatic drainage with locking care product. This is a de-stressing, detoxifying treatment of pure bliss and relaxation to slim, contour and remineralizes the body.


This is a part of a revitalizing ceremony, coming from the ’Serail’. You or your partner will spread natural mud over your bodies yourselves. Pleasant warmth (about 45° C) dries the mud out and it can spread its effect deep into the skin. Thus your body starts to free itself from toxins. After about 10 minutes, warm steam with tender smell of herbs pours into the room. The mud over your body melts again and is washed away. The secret lies in the combination of various elements: water, fire, earth and aroma air. Your skin is being thoroughly cleaned and can breath again, prepared for further procedures. We recommend massage to follow.


After body pilling by glove and soap lather on a warm and wet table, you can relax in a bath with high concentration of salts from the Dead Sea. The Floating Bath gives you an opportunity to experience a sense of lack of gravity in complete silence and darkness, taking you far from the time and space of everyday pressure. Floating is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to leave stress behind, achieving full relaxation. This procedure is completed by a warming massage of the whole body.

Hammam Massage

Enjoy a cleaning ritual from the East. After an optimal stay in the steam cabin to open pores up, a wonderful massage or pilling follows on the ’Hammam’ stone coach. Sea salt from the Pacific Ocean is used for this refreshing procedure, to clean and exfoliate the skin. Massages can be dry or wet, done by rubbing glove or brush glove. For pilling, small abrasive particles are spread over the body and the upper dead layer of the skin is removed through circular rubbing. This improves blood circulation in the skin and stimulates metabolism. The skin is prepared for next procedures - ’Serail’ Bath, Floating Bath, Precious Stones Therapy, Hydroxeur, massages.

Skin Care

The complex facial procedure includes cleansing, revitalizing, pilling, herb steam, ampoules, correction of eye brows, depilation, facial massage and mask. This is also applied to the neck and neckline. Procedures might be targeted to a smoother skin with fine pores, higher humidity, greater elasticity or the improvement of skin colour. The stimulation of blood circulation improves greatly the overall appearance. After an analysis of the type of skin and a competent advice, the best individual products and programmes are selected for each client. All procedures are performed by well-trained specialists.


Classical massages improve blood pressure and relieve the muscles. Muscles stiffing is a result from the accumulation of toxins. With the stimulation of blood circulation, toxins are removed from the tissues. Classical massages can be applied either to the whole body or to various body parts.

Warm-Stone Massage

A warm-stone massage, bringing harmony to the body and spirit. The stones are being warmed up in hot water and then placed over hands, back or feet, or used with together with massage oil for special massage techniques.Medicinal warm-stone massage brings full relaxation. This ancient healing method leads to physical and spiritual balance and satisfaction.


After soaking in our pure, natural Mineral Water, the body is shroud in a sheet which has been soaked in a steaming herb solution- you are floated away in a cloud of softness. Meditation, stress-reduction and relaxation are enhanced by soft music and aroma therapy. This wrap is intended to prolong the toxin release process, and deepens relaxation. Not recommended for pregnant women or people with high blood pressure.

Diet Menu

Here, at the HOTEL "Orbel SPA" you could experience the joy of a renewed body, the freshness of being healthy and the pleasure of staying in fit thanks to the personal programs with a diet menu. Diet menus are served throughout the day at Orbel SPA restaurant, with the usual high standard of service.

Children's playground

The hotel boosts a nice children’s playground where children between 2 and 12 can have fun and play under the supervision of an experienced entertainer.

The hotel offers various entertaining options to the visitors during their leisure time. They may visit the board games room, the computer room or play billiards.

No booking fees apply. Cancellation is FREE, except for last minute bookings - you can see the terms for free cancellation when you select dates and services.

Orbel hotel - seasons and prices

Price notes:

No booking fees apply. Cancellation is FREE, except for last minute bookings - you can see the terms for free cancellation when you select dates and services.
Price includes free use of: Safe at the reception, Wi-Fi internet in the hotel, Wi-Fi internet in the rooms, Parking, Baby cot, Child chair, Children playground, Indoor swimming pool, Pool towels, Fitness, Finnish sauna, Steam bath, Jacuzzi.
All prices are per room/apartment per day, on Half board basis.
The additional person discounts are from the regular price per person.
Please, use the booking form, to get a price for your period of stay, number of people and meals included.
The regular prices are NOT valid during national holidays, Christmas and New Year periods!

The price includes: free use of internal, external swimming pool and jacuzzi with mineral water, sauna, steam bath, fitness.
Free use of mini football and volleyball playground, indoor children's playground. Free Wi-Fi, parking place.

The hotel reserves the right to change prices for national holidays.

Fees and discounts: